7 Pitfalls of Bergen County Siding Contractors

So many siding contractors in North Jersey, how do you pick a good and affordable one.  Hopefully these can help with your decision to choose wisely.james hardie board fiber cement siding contractors in bergen county nj

7 PITFALLS to avoid when hiring a local North Jersey Siding Contractor

1. not getting everything in writing.  regardless what you and the contractor talk about make sure you get it in writing.   Perhaps, you think the gutters are included but they’re not.   I seen several battles over the cost of the gutter system.

There was a homeowner who wouldn’t give the contractor his final payment unless a whole gutter system was installed.   This was around Wayne area.   The contractor  and  his men walked into the persons store with their hammers and tool pouches and closed the door behind them.

They gave him two options, either you pay my money or I’m going to rip off the whole siding from the side of your house.

2.  If the contractor has an unfavorable reputation around town.   Have you ever asked a neighbor what they think about John Smith Siding.   If they heard of him and tell you some negative stories than the red flags should go up.

If they tell you, he’s always spotted in the local bar, you should put this in perspective, also.  I knew contractors who were infamous in Passaic and Bergen county bars and with the local police.   I know, I visited and contacted them at the Passaic County Jail several times.how to remove vinyl siding from your house nj

3.  The equipment he has is obviously shoddy and inadequate for work.   If you notice all his scaffolding or poles are made of 2×4 wood.   Todays siding scaffolding system are made of aluminum poles.

These are essential for siding installation.  Also, look at his ladders, other equipment and truck.  Does it look like a total mess.

4.  Their estimate is 20 or  30% less than all the others.   Understand why theirs is less.  Don’t just think they’re giving you a good price because they like you.   We don’t know what the reasons.  They may be good but you must ask and not just get excited when you hear a low number.

Do your investigation and make sure everything is specifically written on the contract.

5.  BBB complaints.   If there are several on his profile than you may not want to do  business.    However, ask, we don’t know if they are valid or not.   Perhaps, they were taken care of.   We don’t know unless you ask and investigate a little.

Also,  the BBB is not the end all for company reviews.  there are many good contractors not part of the bbb and many bad contractors are not mentioned either.   Get whatever information is available and take it with a grain of salt.

6.  If they give you a doomsday scenerio.   If they try to play on your fears and telling you the house is about to fall apart next week.     Your siding may be in  bad condition but it is obvious if it’s going to fall apart next week.

However, just in case it might fall apart next week, call another siding specialist ASAP.   Better safe than sorry and if they both have the same report than consider having it done quick.2012-11-10 02.20.15

7.  Last but not least,  trust your gut feelings.  Even if they pass the list with flying colors, it’s your ultimate decision if you’re going to hire them.

If you feel suspicious of something and even if you’re not sure why, perhaps you should move on.   We have great siding contractors in New Jersey but if your spider senses are tingling, listen to it.

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