North New Jersey Basement Waterproofing During a Power Outage

Flooding caused by hurricanes have created many new unforeseen flood zones all throughout New Jersey.  Along with these storms comes the risk of loosing electrical power due to power outages.  These outages can range from a few hours, to a few days depending on the severity of the storm. But what effect do these outages have on our home?

The effects of flooding and power outage in your basement.


flooded basment nj sandy storm waterproofing

Well, if your basement is equipped with a professional basement waterproofing system, this could mean an extended period of time without an operational sump pump. If there’s no working electrical source in the home, the pump has no juice to run off of. We can address this by employing a battery operated backup sump pump.

Backup sump pumps are designed to run off of battery power, completely independent of a primary electrical source (when necessary). When power to the home is interrupted, the main pump stops operating, allowing the water level in the sump basin to rise. The secondary pump switch is positioned above the primary pump switch, which then kicks in and takes over the responsibility of pumping the water out of the home.

But That’s Not All

Because the backup pump is equipped with its own, independent pump switch, it can help out in a variety of circumstances. For example, we all know primary sump pumps don’t last forever. Traditionally, when your pump fails, you only find out after the fact. With a backup system, you are alerted when your primary pump fails, allowing you time to replace it without losing any pumping power.

Furthermore, if for any reason your main pump simply cannot keep up with the amount of water flowing into the sump basin, the backup pump will kick in to help out, providing much needed additional pumping power.

Backup pumps have proven time and time again to be a worthwhile investment, especially for those who have already invested so much into creating a dry, healthy, livable space in their basement or crawl space. Contact New America Construction today 201-243-3478, and we’ll be happy to assist you with any questions.

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