Roof Flashing Installation against Brick Chimneys, Bergen County NJ

Your Bergen County NJ roofer should not cut corners by reusing old  roofing flashing on a new replacement roof installation or repairs.

There may be small punctures or other damage that could threaten the new roof. Insist on new flashing when your roof is installed.

Always make sure it is noted on the contract that new step flashing will be installed.

How to Install Roofing Flashing for New Jersey Homeowners

I’ve got a brick chimney, does it reall y need reflashow to install roofing vents in bergen county nj gaf residential hing?
Some roofing contractors will not reflash the chimney unless it is specified in the contract.

It is time consuming work and takes a high degree of skill to flash a chimney properly.

A favorite line to get out of reflashing the chimney is, “Why fix something’ that ain’t broke?”


The truth is that if the chimney is not reflashed when the roof is installed, the chances of the chimney leaking in the next 3-5 years are very high!

Proper Installation of Roofing Vent Pipes in Bergen County NJ

If you’re going to make the investment of getting a new roof system installed on your home, ensure that the system will keep you dry for years down the road. Make sure that the contractor is specifying that the chimney will definitely be reflashed!

roofing vent pipe installation in bergen count nj proper


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