The different house siding type for your home and how to get the BEST DEAL

New Jersey house siding types are numerous and there are a variety of different quality materials to choose from.   The selection is vast so how do I pick the best type for my house?

Fortunately, we’re the one stop source in the siding world.  We’re here to help you choose wisely on your home and business. Our siding information will help home owners from Hudson county, Morris county, Union county and all of New Jersey.

Hands down, siding is the best investment in remodeling, because it will greatly increase the value of your property.  You made the wise choice to research and find quality and affordable siding contractors.

Considerations for House Siding Types

– types of siding, from vinyl to simulated brick siding

– color

– price

Let’s consider our options.

-Types of siding

This is important because it shows your taste and style.  Do you like brick veneer siding, seamless dutch lap vinyl siding or vinyl cedar shakes.  They’re attractive if installed properly by the right New Jersey vinyl siding specialists.

However, many homeowners like the combination of both, certainteed cedar impressions shake on the front and  smooth clapboard siding on the rest of the exterior.

It enhances the beauty of the veneer installation.  Double, triple and verticle siding are just a few options.

Is your head spinning, it’s okay.  We’ll help you decide which style is best for you.  Drive around the neighborhood and take pictures and see what suits your taste.  However, don’t go crazy, I met people who took months to decide a style.

Just look, choose and smile, you’ll be on your way to a beautiful home by an NJ exterior home improvement contractor.

Hey, I thought siding was only vinal.  Veneer exteriors have a large selection for house siding types.  It basically comes down to what you like and what is practical.  Where I live, the number one exterior installed byNorthern New Jerseysiding contractors is vinyl.

Hands down it’s the most popular and affordable.  Their numerous rays of colors, accessories and elegant styles makes it a completed work of art.

Do you like wood, well you have to consider the maintenance and painting which is not cheap at all and time consuming.  Brick, there  are so many types, the installation is longer and the estimates costly but it depends what you like.

James Hardi Board is another option, they come painted but some homeowners like painting it themselves.

Seamless clapboard siding is another option, however, my opinion, it’s to complicated to install and over priced.  I say don’t waste your money.  If seamless is of importance than get the 16 or 25 foot long panels.

Metal siding and seamless steel siding, in my opinion, is too costly and a pain to install and repair.  Also, it’s easy for the siders to slice their hands on the sharp edges.  In my part of the woods, I rarely see aluminum for residing projects.


Takes great consideration.  What is the right one for your neighborhood or do you choose to be unique.  From my perspective, I believe women are much better selecting a color than men.  Many guys are content if they could just keep their place in order and will usually choose beige or blue siding and white trim.

However, a woman adds that panache.   Guys, if your the sole home owner ask a woman friend their opinion and ladies you know what you want.

Whether you’re looking for siding colors by shade or by manufacturers, seek and you shall find.


The all mighty dollar.  Decide what you want, faux, mortarless, log or fake stone siding.   For example, should you get half split wooden log siding or the vinyl log.the log look siding.  The difference in price is paramount.

Same with simulated brick, we need the estimates to get the best pricing.  If your budget allows cultured rocks or stucco, get it.  However, don’t get yourself into debt, to get your pin point perfect look.

There are some who say, “I don’t like the vinyl look, everyone in my neighborhood has it.”

I understand but remember this, combining different types of materials is an excellent way to save.   To save money, consider this for only the front of the house. Engineered stone on the foundation for elegance.  Faux bricks around door or entire first floor.

Second floor, install stucco or vinyl cedar shake panels and half rounds or scallops trimmings on the peak.  Install 7″ aluminum fascia along the borders of the peak and beneath the soffits for some pizazz.  Top it off with a gable vent on the center.

The right, left and back of the house can have standard siding.  If you have one of those cute little dormers, vinyl can turn it into a beautiful doll house.  Now, the rest of the foundation can be easily scraped with a wire brush and painted with a quality stucco paint.

VOILA… your dream house.

There are many options for accessories like fluted corner posts, door and garage surroundings, window headers and shutters.  Our siding estimator  will help keep your cost low.

You get what I’m saying, use a little creativity.   You’ll see, the best looking house in the block doesn’t have to be the most expensive.


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