Vinyl Siding Materal Pricing in NJ, Cost Calculator

Vinyl Siding Material Prices and vinyl siding pricing in Bergen, Passaic or Essex county are the most affordable manufactured veneer to install on New Jersey houses. To get best pricing, we will share estimates on panels and vinyl trim accessories.

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Vinyl Siding

nj vinyl siding material prices and cost in bergen essex county

Trim Accessories

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Vinyl Siding Material Prices in NJ

We emphasize in vinyl. Simply, it’s the #1 asked product. Whether, it’s Prodigy’s foam insulated back walls or vinyl cedar shake siding, everyone wants the scoop on vinyl.

Just drive through Paramus, Clifton or Lyndhurst and you can easily see vinyl siding styles is king.


The prices for siding material is basically the same from all distributors


From my experience many vinyl siding manufacturers develop good products. If they’re properly installed, a quality engineered system can withstand Mother Nature’s Wrath as it tramples upon New Jersey.

If you are looking for a particular style or brand it could cost more. What I’m saying is don’t sweat the small stuff, just stick for your budget and your vinyl veneer will be fine. However, you must have the right installers or you may have a severe problem.

Can you tell which siding below cost more?

Can you tell the difference

All 3 pictures look good

This siding cost more

nj vinyl siding material prices for alside, certainteed, crane

Vinyl siding materials prices are in the same ball park figure. They can’t price themselves out of the market.

For many residing projects, I tore off panels which were over 20 years old they were good as new. Even the interior insulation walls were dry and solid.

Consider this when looking for a siding brand. If you want a strong and resilient panel, you don’t have to pay for the most expensive siding. Besides, different brands are made by the same manufacturers and they’re not going to produce extremely inferior products.

What if my siding is blown off years later?

This is one ugly wall we didn’t install

warped siding wall

You’ll need a lot of panels to fix this warped siding wall

Tearing off old siding is not always necessary

Tearing off all the old veneer doesn’t guarantee a professional installation

Vinyl siding Costs

Wolverine Technologies and Alcoa vinyl siding have been around many years. Should one day you need to repair vinyl siding, you’ll need the same style. They’re not going anywhere, so you can always find it.

However, if a company is not in good standing and goes out of business you will not be able to get the same piece.

Do a little research on the internet to check out the company history. If their cost is not available on the internet, just call a couple of supply houses. They’ll gladly answer any questions about their maintenance free systems

Always save a couple of extra siding panels, just in case. Wrap it and store it behind the garage or underneath the porch so they don’t get damaged.

Garage storage

garage entrance

Store a few extra siding panels in the garage

Basement storage

basement casement window

You can also slip the siding through the basement window

Don’t like talking on the phone, just stroll to one of those big box retailers. Go to their siding aisle to compare prices. You’ll have an idea of their costs but remember, they only stock a few items.

I’ve met individuals who like to go directly to the siding supply house and look at the materials and shop prices, although they use the internet, they like to see and touch the product for themselves.

We can get you the vinyl material pricing. We’re here to help and work out any arrangements

Vinyl Siding Material Pricing

The standard panels are 12’6 long. Special orders are different and so are the accessoriers,

certainteed dutchlap

This is standard siding for an investment property

like twenty feet long traditional or fluted corner posts.

There is also seamless siding which are 16 and 25 feet panels.

The cost for vinyl siding goes up for these longer ones but worth it if you want to reduce the seams.

Seamless vinyl siding is the most expensive, however, for the price they charge, it is not worth it, in my opinion.


You can get the best deal and save thousands as an educated consumer.

Don’t get over charged or scammed.

Go Vinyl Siding…Call us now


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